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mount gassan


Whatever way the jellyfish go...

Habu Encounter at Okinawa World

Habu Encounter at Okinawa World

Get up close and personal with Okinawa’s most dangerous snake.


Western Tokyo has Hello Kitty Land and the city's biggest zoo.

Tokiwa Park

Japan's white pelicans have a home at this lakeside gem.

kyoto aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium

Get the lowdown on Kyoto's waterways.

Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium & Coelacanth Museum

See the wonders of the deep,deep blue sea.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Make sure you’re wearing waterproof slickers!

Mother Farm

Action-packed or alpacas? The choice is yours.

Osaka Expo City

It’s not a theme park, but then again, maybe it should be. We can’t think of another place where you could pack more into one day in the area.

Sumida Aquarium

Discover the aquatic life of Tokyo’s more-than 200 Islands. Yup, you heard that right!

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Must-see: A 2,200-ton bluefin tuna tank.