Cityscapes like no where else on earth.

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Mount Iwate Morioka city scene with buildings and promenade at Katakami river with warm sunset light


Oodles of noodles in this colorful Iwate city.

Johnson Town in Saitama, Japan.

Johnson Town

Japan's own little slice of 1950's America.

Shirakami Sanchi UNESCO World Heritage Site


Hiking, waterfalls, and tasty lamb. Did somebody say road trip?

Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima


Samurai history in beautiful surroundings. Don't forget to indulge in some sake on the way.

Best Off the Beaten Path Side Trips from Kyoto

There’s much more to Kyoto than shrines and temples. 


A spiritual seaside getaway close to Tokyo with shrines, temples and big buddha.

Shodoshima Angel Road in Kagawa Prefecture Japan

Top 10 Things To Do In Shodoshima

Find olive oil, KiKi's Delivery Service, and rice paddy terraces on this perfect island getaway.

Ueno Park Iga in Mie, Japan.

Iga City

Ninjas, a castle and a haiku poetry master—Iga is home to a whole host of traditional Japanese culture and history.

Nagoro Village

Nagoro Scarecrow Village

A mysterious village with more scarecrow residents than people.

7 Live Streams of Japan to Watch From Home

Virtual travel is the next best thing if you can’t physically visit Japan.

Obama Aquaculture in Fukui Japan.

Obama City

Yes, Obama like the former U.S. President, but there’s more to this coastal town than the name.