Travel Writers Wanted!

Join our team of freelance writers located all across Japan.

GaijinPot Travel is looking for people who are passionate about travel and can display useful, accurate and upbeat content about Japan. (If you do not have media experience in Japan but still want to contribute, skip to the end.)

Currently, GaijinPot Travel would like to hear from freelance writers/photographers who have experience traveling in and now currently reside in one of these locations:

  • Kyushu Region
    • Saga
    • Nagasaki
    • Kumamoto
    • Oita
    • Kagoshima
    • Miyazaki
  • Shikoku Region
    • Tokushima
    • Kagawa
    • Ehime
    • Kochi
  • Tohoku Region
    • Aomori
    • Iwate
    • Akita
    • Yamagata
  • Kanto Region
    • Chiba
  • Chubu Region
    • Gifu
    • Ishikawa
    • Fukui
    • Yamanashi
    • Aichi
  • Chugoku Region
    • Shimane
    • Hiroshima
  • Kansai Region
    • Mie
    • Shiga
  • Okinawa

Write for GaijinPot Travel

We are looking for short destination reports on locales around Japan as well as straight-forward listicles, ie Top 10s. We do not publish first-person stories. Articles are written strictly in 2nd or 3rd person and in AP Style. Articles and high-quality photos are paid upon publication.

Writers are not required to submit a certain amount of articles per month, but rather, will be added to our list of freelance writers and will be given opportunities to pitch ideas as well as dibs for assignments in their region. There are great opportunities to do FAM and press trips for trusted writers, as well.


  • Lived in Japan for over a year
  • Has published writing samples that relate to travel and/or culture in Japan – online, print, etc
    • Note: Personal blogs are not accepted.
  • Can offer a demonstrable knowledge of travel in the prefecture you live and/or surrounding areas
  • The candidate understands how to write to the GaijinPot audience – including a range of travelers from those who don’t know the first thing about Japan to local experts who want to find new spots to discover.

Ideal candidates

  • Photography skills are a plus.
  • Japanese language skills also a plus.

To apply

Send along your resume and two writing samples to the editor at [email protected] with subject line “Application for GaijinPot Travel.” Serious candidates will be contacted to take a writing test as the next step in your application.


Don’t have writing experience yet?

We are still looking for “local guides” to submit photos, videos, info and short articles about the more remote areas of Japan. We have some unpaid opportunities for those who want to gain experience in media in Japan. This is the ideal position for assistant language teachers who are in the countryside to build up experience in another field. If interested, please send an email with subject “GaijinPot Travel Local Guide Application” to [email protected] with this info:

  • Your profile: Name, email, location in Japan, how long you have lived there and social media (Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and/or LinkedIn)
  • A list of the topics you want to cover
  • A pitch: What do you think GaijinPot readers need to know or see that’s related to your area? Be specific.

GaijinPot Travel is an award-winning travel website from GPlusMedia, based in Tokyo, Japan.